Vancouver Career Spotlight: Client Services

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Darren Li is a Care Services Specialist at Nurse Next Door in Vancouver.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of British Columbia.


Why did you choose this career path?

I love interacting with people and helping them solve their problems. Building positive relationships with clients is very important to me: I want to be the one who offers a lot of value to others.

What are your main responsibilities?

I communicate with clients, caregivers, and care managers over the phone and email in regards to their scheduling issues.

Because we have over 200 locations across the USA, Canada, and Australia, a large part of my day involves scheduling and amending site visits for our nurses and caregivers. In addition, I am required to assist the intakes team by talking to potential clients and educating them about the services that Nurse Next Door provides.

What are the opportunities for career growth and advancement? 

If you want to stay in the customer/client service field, you can go into coaching or management.

A lot of people also start off in care services and then branch off into different departments within the company, such as information technology (IT), human resources, and marketing, provided that they have the right education.

What kind of person would enjoy a career in Client Services?

Someone who enjoys speaking to others and someone who has a friendly, caring, and empathetic personality. You find pleasure in organizing, multitasking, and paying close attention to detail. Being able to type fast is definitely an asset as well.

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What school subjects would a person in this career typically excel in?

Being successful at customer service doesn’t require you to be successful in school. As long as you are friendly, empathetic, and caring, you can excel in this field.

What type of education would you typically need to work as a Care Services Specialist?

A high school diploma is all you need to work in this career. At Nurse Next Door, our care services specialists come from a whole range of backgrounds. Some have already graduated post-secondary, some are still studying, and some have never even gone to college or university!

What types of organizations would typically hire for your skillset?

You can work at the hospital (ie. Vancouver General Hospital) or for various health authorities (ie. Vancouver Coastal Health). Usually, the pay and the benefits at public companies are more competitive.

Customer service experience is also a great base for those who are looking to get into sales. Business-to-business (B2B) software sales or medical device sales are examples of how you can grow your opportunity to make income.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in Client Services?

This is a role for people who genuinely enjoy interacting with others and helping those in need. It’s also okay to consider your next role and other career interests as this can be an entry-level role. Ask yourself: do you want to get into management, do you want to go into sales, or do you want to go back to school? Never be complacent!

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